Does Costco Have Lawn Mower Batteries?

Imagine this: You’re ready to tackle your overgrown lawn, but your mower sputters to a stop. You check the battery, only to find it’s dead. Panic sets in. You need a new battery, but where can you find one? Does Costco, your one-stop shop for everything from groceries to electronics, have what you need? This article will explore the world of lawn mower batteries at Costco, diving into the types they offer, their prices, and whether it’s truly the best place to buy your next battery.

In short, Costco does carry lawn mower batteries, but the selection is limited and depends on the specific type of mower you have. While their batteries may not be the most comprehensive or specialized, they are known for their competitive pricing and reliable quality. Let’s break down what you need to know about buying a lawn mower battery at Costco.

What Kinds of Lawn Mower Batteries Does Costco Sell?

Costco’s lawn mower battery selection varies by location and season, but you can generally find two main types:

1. Lead-Acid Batteries:

These are the traditional, more affordable option. Costco typically offers lead-acid batteries in various sizes, suitable for older mowers and basic models.


  • Lower price: Lead-acid batteries are generally cheaper than lithium-ion options.
  • Widely available: You can find them at most automotive stores and retailers, including Costco.


  • Heavier: Lead-acid batteries are heavier than lithium-ion batteries, which can make them difficult to handle and install.
  • Shorter lifespan: They typically last for 2-3 years, compared to the longer lifespan of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Maintenance required: Lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance, such as topping off the electrolyte levels.

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries:

These batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their lighter weight, longer lifespan, and faster charging times. Costco carries lithium-ion batteries for specific brands like Ryobi and Ego, but the selection may be limited.


  • Lightweight and portable: Lithium-ion batteries are much lighter than lead-acid batteries, making them easier to handle and install.
  • Longer lifespan: They typically last for 3-5 years, offering more value in the long run.
  • Faster charging: Lithium-ion batteries charge much faster than lead-acid batteries.


  • Higher price: Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries.
  • Limited availability: Not all retailers carry lithium-ion lawn mower batteries, so you might have to search specifically for them.

Is Costco the Best Place to Buy a Lawn Mower Battery?

While Costco offers some lawn mower battery options, it’s not always the best place to find the specific battery you need. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of buying from Costco:

Advantages of Buying from Costco:

  • Competitive pricing: Costco is known for its bulk pricing, which can often lead to lower prices on batteries compared to other retailers.
  • Reliable quality: Costco carries reputable brands and generally offers high-quality products.
  • Easy returns: You can return most Costco purchases within 90 days, even if they are used, as long as they are in good condition.
  • Member-only benefits: Costco members often receive exclusive discounts and promotions.

Disadvantages of Buying from Costco:

  • Limited selection: Costco’s lawn mower battery selection is limited compared to other retailers that specialize in lawn care equipment.
  • May not have the specific battery you need: If you have a unique or specialized lawn mower battery, Costco might not have it in stock.
  • Bulk purchases: Costco often requires you to purchase batteries in bulk, which may not be ideal if you only need one.
  • Membership required: You need a Costco membership to shop at their stores, which can be a cost barrier for some consumers.

Where Else Can You Buy Lawn Mower Batteries?

If you can’t find the right battery at Costco, consider these alternatives:

  • Home improvement stores: Stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware carry a wide range of lawn mower batteries, including both lead-acid and lithium-ion options.
  • Online retailers: Amazon, Walmart, and eBay offer a vast selection of lawn mower batteries, often with competitive prices and free shipping.
  • Specialized lawn care retailers: Stores like Tractor Supply Company and John Deere dealers specialize in lawn care equipment and offer a wider selection of lawn mower batteries than general retailers.

Tips for Buying a Lawn Mower Battery

To ensure you get the right battery for your mower, consider these factors:

  • Battery type: Determine whether your mower requires a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery.
  • Voltage: Check the voltage of your current battery and make sure the replacement battery has the same voltage.
  • Battery capacity: The battery capacity is measured in amp-hours (Ah). A higher capacity battery will provide longer runtime but will also be heavier.
  • Brand and compatibility: Ensure the battery is compatible with your mower’s brand and model.
  • Warranty: Choose a battery with a good warranty for peace of mind.


While Costco offers some lawn mower battery options, it may not always be the best place to buy one. Consider your specific needs, budget, and the availability of batteries before making a decision. Remember to research and compare prices before making a purchase. A little effort upfront can save you time and money in the long run!


Q1: Does Costco sell lawn mower batteries?

A: Yes, Costco does sell lawn mower batteries. They offer a wide selection of batteries for various lawn mower models, including popular brands like Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Ryobi. You can find them in the garden center section of most Costco warehouses.

However, it’s important to note that Costco might not carry every battery model for every lawn mower brand. It’s always a good idea to check their website or call your local warehouse to confirm availability before heading out.

Q2: What types of lawn mower batteries does Costco sell?

A: Costco sells a variety of lawn mower batteries, including lithium-ion, lead-acid, and AGM batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type available, known for their lightweight design, long lifespan, and high power output. Lead-acid batteries, while less popular, are still a viable option, offering a more affordable price.

AGM batteries are a specialized type of lead-acid battery offering improved performance and longer lifespan compared to standard lead-acid batteries. Ultimately, the best battery type for your lawn mower will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Q3: What brands of lawn mower batteries does Costco carry?

A: Costco carries a diverse range of lawn mower battery brands, including popular names like Duracell, DeWalt, and Interstate. You might also find batteries from lesser-known brands at competitive prices.

It’s always recommended to research the specific battery you’re interested in, comparing prices and customer reviews across different brands. This will ensure you get the best value for your money and find a reliable battery that meets your needs.

Q4: How much do lawn mower batteries cost at Costco?

A: The price of lawn mower batteries at Costco can vary depending on the battery’s type, capacity, and brand. Generally, you can expect to find them at competitive prices compared to other retailers.

Costco often offers discounts and promotions on their batteries, especially during seasonal sales. It’s always worth checking their website or in-store flyers for the latest deals.

Q5: Can I return a lawn mower battery to Costco?

A: Yes, Costco offers a generous return policy for most items, including lawn mower batteries. You can return a battery within 90 days of purchase, even if it’s used, as long as it’s in good condition and you have your receipt.

However, it’s important to note that batteries with signs of damage or misuse might not be eligible for a return. It’s best to contact Costco customer service for specific details about their return policy.

Q6: Does Costco offer installation for lawn mower batteries?

A: Costco does not offer installation services for lawn mower batteries. While they might have some resources for replacing the battery in your mower, they primarily focus on selling the batteries themselves.

However, if you’re not comfortable installing the battery yourself, you can always seek help from a local mechanic or repair shop. They should be able to assist you with battery installation and provide any necessary troubleshooting.

Q7: What are the advantages of buying lawn mower batteries at Costco?

A: There are several advantages to buying lawn mower batteries at Costco. Firstly, you can find a wide selection of batteries from reputable brands at competitive prices. Secondly, Costco’s generous return policy provides peace of mind in case you need to exchange or return your battery.

Lastly, Costco is known for its exceptional customer service and helpful staff, who can assist you with choosing the right battery for your needs. Ultimately, Costco offers a convenient and reliable option for purchasing lawn mower batteries.

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