Troubleshooting Error 5 on Roomba 805: Understanding and Fixing

Encountering an error message on your Roomba 805 can be frustrating, especially when you’re depending on its reliable performance to keep your home clean and tidy. Error 5 is a common issue that can disrupt the seamless operation of your robot vacuum, but understanding its root causes and implementing effective solutions can help you restore the functionality of your device with ease.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate details of Error 5 on the Roomba 805, providing clear insights into the potential triggers behind this error and offering practical troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue promptly. By gaining a deeper understanding of the error and its implications, you will be empowered to tackle the problem efficiently, ensuring that your Roomba 805 continues to deliver optimal cleaning performance in your living space.

Key Takeaways
Error 5 on Roomba 805 indicates a problem with the robot’s drive system. This could be due to a dirty or obstructed wheel, a loose wheel connection, or a malfunctioning wheel sensor. To troubleshoot this issue, first check for any debris or obstructions around the wheels and clean them if necessary. If the problem persists, contact the Roomba customer support for further assistance.

Understanding Error 5 On Roomba 805

Error 5 on the Roomba 805 indicates an issue with the robot’s drive system. When this error occurs, the Roomba may display a message such as “Error 5 – Please open the iRobot App for help.” Understanding this error is crucial for effectively diagnosing and resolving the problem to ensure that the Roomba functions optimally.

The drive system error could be related to a variety of issues, such as wheel obstruction, wheel sensor failure, or a faulty motor. An obstruction in the wheels, such as hair, debris, or foreign objects, can trigger the error code, preventing the Roomba from navigating and cleaning properly. Additionally, wheel sensors that are dirty or failing can erroneously trigger the error, leading to a disruption in the Roomba’s movement and functionality. Furthermore, a malfunctioning motor in the drive system can also be responsible for the occurrence of Error 5.

In order to effectively troubleshoot and fix Error 5 on the Roomba 805, it is important to understand the possible causes and underlying issues associated with the drive system malfunction. This knowledge will enable users to take appropriate steps to address the problem and restore the Roomba to working condition.

Common Causes Of Error 5

Error 5 on the Roomba 805 can be caused by various factors, and understanding the common causes can help in troubleshooting the issue effectively. One common cause of Error 5 is a buildup of debris or dirt in the robot’s wheels, brushes, or sensors, which can hinder its movement and sensing capabilities. Additionally, a low battery level or a faulty battery can trigger Error 5 as the Roomba may struggle to navigate and complete its cleaning cycle.

Another frequent cause is a mechanical issue with the Roomba, such as a jammed wheel, clogged brushes, or a dirty sensor. These issues can prevent the robot from functioning properly and lead to the occurrence of Error 5. Furthermore, an outdated software version or malfunctioning components within the Roomba’s internal system may also contribute to the error. Understanding these common causes can guide users in identifying and addressing the specific issue triggering Error 5 on their Roomba 805, leading to a more effective resolution and improved performance of the robot vacuum.

Steps To Diagnose Error 5

To diagnose Error 5 on your Roomba 805, begin by checking the wheels for obstruction. Remove the side wheels and clean any debris that may be causing a blockage. Ensure that the wheels can move freely without any hindrance. Next, inspect the main brushes for any tangles or blockages. Remove any hair or debris that may be wrapped around the brushes, preventing them from rotating.

Additionally, check the drop sensors located on the bottom of the Roomba. Clean any dust or dirt that may be covering the sensors, as this could be triggering the Error 5. Next, examine the cliff sensors to ensure they are clean and unobstructed. If any sensors are dirty, clean them with a soft cloth.

Once these steps are completed, reset your Roomba by pressing and holding the CLEAN button for 10 seconds. This restarts the system and can often clear the Error 5 message. If the issue persists after performing these diagnostics, further troubleshooting may be needed, which will be covered in the following sections of this article.

Cleaning And Maintenance Procedures

To ensure optimal performance and avoid Error 5 on your Roomba 805, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Start by removing debris from the brushes, wheels, and sensors. Inspect the side brush, main brush, and extractors for any tangled hair, strings, or foreign objects. Use a brush or cleaning tool to dislodge and remove accumulated dirt.

Next, check the filter for dirt and dust buildup. If it’s dirty, remove and tap it gently to dislodge debris. You may also wash the filter under running water and let it air dry completely before reinserting it.

Additionally, ensure that the charging contacts on both the Roomba and the Home Base are clean and free of debris. Wipe them with a clean, dry cloth if necessary. By regularly performing these cleaning and maintenance procedures, you can minimize the chances of encountering Error 5 and keep your Roomba 805 operating at its best.

Resetting The Roomba 805

To reset the Roomba 805, start by flipping the robot over and locating the small reset button near the main brush. Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds until you hear a tone, which indicates that the reset is complete. Once reset, the Roomba returns to its factory settings, resolving many common issues such as Error 5. You may need to reconfigure Wi-Fi settings and other preferences after the reset, so keep this in mind.

If the reset doesn’t resolve the issue, try performing a hard reset by removing the battery and holding down the power button for about 5-10 seconds. Then reinsert the battery and power the Roomba back on. This process can often help clear persistent errors and glitches. After the reset, run a test cycle to see if the Error 5 has been resolved. If the problem persists, consider seeking further assistance from the Roomba customer support team or a qualified technician.

Resetting the Roomba 805 is a simple yet effective troubleshooting step that can often resolve Error 5 and other operational issues. It’s worth trying before seeking professional help, and it may save you time and money in the long run.

Checking For Mechanical Issues

When troubleshooting error 5 on the Roomba 805, it is important to thoroughly check for any mechanical issues that may be causing the error. Start by inspecting the brushes, wheels, and the vacuum intake system for any obstructions or debris that could be preventing the Roomba from operating efficiently. Make sure to remove any tangled hair or debris from the brush bearings and clean the wheel wells to ensure smooth movement.

Next, examine the sensors and the charging contacts for any dirt or debris that may be interfering with their functionality. Clean the sensors with a soft, dry cloth and ensure that the charging contacts are free from any build-up. Additionally, check the side wheels for any damage or obstructions that could be hindering their movement. Proper maintenance and cleanliness of the mechanical components are essential for the Roomba 805 to function effectively and error-free.

Regularly inspecting and cleaning the mechanical parts of the Roomba 805 can help prevent error 5 and maintain its optimal performance. By identifying and addressing any mechanical issues, you can ensure that your Roomba operates smoothly and efficiently, providing you with hassle-free cleaning.

Software Updates And Troubleshooting

When dealing with Error 5 on the Roomba 805, one potential solution involves checking for software updates and performing troubleshooting steps. Software updates can often resolve various errors experienced by Roomba users. Ensure that your Roomba’s firmware is up to date by connecting it to the mobile app or the desktop software provided by the manufacturer. If there is a newer version available, promptly install it and see if the error persists.

Additionally, troubleshooting the software can help identify and resolve underlying issues. Restart the Roomba and the app, and then check for any error messages or notifications. You may also consider resetting the Roomba to its default settings and reconfiguring it. If the error persists, contacting customer support for further assistance and troubleshooting steps tailored to your specific situation is advisable. By taking these steps, you can potentially address Error 5 on your Roomba 805 and ensure smooth operation of your device.

Contacting Customer Support

If you have exhausted all efforts to troubleshoot the Error 5 on your Roomba 805 and still find no resolution, it may be time to reach out to customer support. iRobot, the manufacturer of the Roomba, provides customer support through various channels. You can visit their official website and look for the “Contact Us” section to find options for submitting a request for assistance.

Another option is to call iRobot’s customer support hotline, where a team of knowledgeable representatives can guide you through the troubleshooting process or arrange for further assistance. When contacting customer support, be sure to have your Roomba’s serial number and purchase information readily available to expedite the process. Providing detailed information about the steps you have taken to troubleshoot the Error 5 will also assist the support team in understanding the issue.

In some cases, customer support may be able to offer a solution over the phone or provide instructions for obtaining a replacement if the Roomba 805 is still under warranty. Remember to remain patient and courteous when reaching out to customer support, as they are dedicated to helping resolve any issues you may encounter with your Roomba 805.


In understanding and addressing the Error 5 issue on the Roomba 805, it becomes clear that a systematic approach is essential to effectively troubleshoot and resolve the problem. By first familiarizing oneself with the potential causes of the error, such as obstructions or mechanical issues, individuals can then implement targeted solutions, ranging from simple repositioning of the device to more in-depth maintenance and repair. Additionally, seeking assistance from Roomba’s customer support or referring to the user manual can provide valuable insights and guidance in navigating the troubleshooting process.

Ultimately, by equipping oneself with a comprehensive understanding of the Error 5 issue and its potential resolutions, Roomba 805 users can effectively overcome this challenge and ensure the optimal performance of their robotic vacuum cleaner. Embracing a proactive approach towards maintenance and problem-solving empowers users to enjoy a seamless and efficient experience with their Roomba 805, contributing to greater satisfaction and longevity of the device.

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