Where to Find a Cheap Lawn Mower?

The grass is always greener on the other side, but sometimes maintaining your own lawn can feel like a never-ending battle. And when your trusty lawnmower decides to call it quits, the cost of replacing it can feel like a major setback. But don’t despair! You don’t have to break the bank to keep your lawn looking sharp. This article will guide you through the best places to find a cheap lawnmower, from online marketplaces and local shops to budget-friendly brands and even ways to snag a deal on a used mower. So, mow the worry right out of your lawn with our tips for finding the perfect mower without sacrificing your budget.

A Quick Overview of Where to Find Cheap Lawn Mowers:

This article will cover the following key areas:

  • Online Marketplaces: Exploring the pros and cons of popular online retailers like Amazon and eBay for finding budget-friendly mowers.
  • Local Stores: Discovering the benefits of shopping for lawnmowers at local hardware stores and big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s.
  • Budget-Friendly Brands: Delving into the world of affordable lawnmower brands that offer quality without breaking the bank.
  • Used Mowers: Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a used lawnmower, and where to find reliable options.
  • Tips for Finding the Best Deals: Unveiling strategies for maximizing your savings when buying a cheap lawnmower.

Online Marketplaces: Your Digital Garden of Savings

The online marketplace is a haven for bargain hunters, and lawnmowers are no exception. Sites like Amazon and eBay offer a vast selection of new and used mowers, often with competitive prices.

Amazon: The Online Giant

Amazon is a treasure trove of cheap lawnmowers, boasting a wide range of options from well-known brands to lesser-known manufacturers. Its convenient search filters allow you to refine your search by price, type (gas, electric, robotic), brand, and features. Plus, Amazon’s Prime membership can offer free shipping and other benefits, making it even more budget-friendly.

Pros of Amazon:

  • Wide Selection: A huge inventory of mowers from various brands.
  • Competitive Prices: Frequent sales and discounts on new and used mowers.
  • Convenience: Easy browsing, filtering, and purchase process with Prime shipping.

Cons of Amazon:

  • Limited Warranty: Some manufacturers offer shorter warranties on mowers sold through Amazon.
  • Customer Service: May be difficult to reach customer service for product inquiries or returns.

eBay: The Auction Paradise

eBay is another great online destination for cheap lawnmowers. You can find everything from new models with discounted prices to used mowers in good condition. eBay’s auction format allows you to bid on mowers and potentially snag a deal, but be aware of the potential for higher shipping costs.

Pros of eBay:

  • Auction Deals: Opportunity to bid on mowers and secure them at lower prices.
  • Used Options: Wide selection of used mowers, often in excellent condition.
  • Seller Ratings: Buyer reviews and feedback help assess the reliability of sellers.

Cons of eBay:

  • Variable Quality: Used mowers can be of varying quality and condition.
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping costs can be high, especially for bulky items like mowers.

Local Stores: Stepping into a Realm of Personal Service

While online shopping offers convenience, there’s something to be said about the personal touch of visiting a local store. Local hardware stores and big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s can provide you with expert advice and the opportunity to physically inspect mowers before making a purchase.

Hardware Stores: Expert Advice and Community Support

Local hardware stores often offer a more curated selection of lawnmowers than big-box retailers, with knowledgeable staff who can provide personalized recommendations based on your needs and budget. They may also offer repair services, making them a reliable option for the long term.

Pros of Hardware Stores:

  • Expert Advice: Knowledgeable staff can guide you toward the right mower.
  • Local Support: Convenient for repairs, maintenance, and product inquiries.
  • Community Focus: Supporting local businesses can contribute to your neighborhood.

Cons of Hardware Stores:

  • Limited Selection: May have a smaller inventory than larger retailers.
  • Higher Prices: Local hardware stores may have higher prices compared to big-box stores.

Big-Box Retailers: Convenience and Price Comparison

Big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a wide variety of lawnmowers at competitive prices. Their large floor space allows for easy browsing and comparison, and their return policies can provide peace of mind.

Pros of Big-Box Retailers:

  • Wide Selection: A broad range of brands and models to choose from.
  • Price Comparison: Easy to compare prices across different models and brands.
  • Return Policies: Generous return policies offer flexibility for buyers.

Cons of Big-Box Retailers:

  • Limited Expert Advice: Staff may have less specialized knowledge about lawnmowers.
  • Crowds and Queues: Large stores can be busy, leading to long lines and waiting times.

Budget-Friendly Brands: Quality Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t assume you have to compromise on quality. Several brands specialize in producing affordable lawnmowers without sacrificing durability and performance.

Sun Joe: The Electric Powerhouse

Sun Joe is a leading brand for affordable, electric lawnmowers. They offer a wide range of models, including cordless, corded, and robotic mowers, all designed to deliver efficient cutting without the noise and fumes of gas-powered mowers.

Pros of Sun Joe:

  • Affordable Prices: Highly competitive prices for electric mowers.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Electric mowers reduce noise and air pollution.
  • Easy Maintenance: Electric mowers require less maintenance compared to gas mowers.

Worx: A Blend of Power and Affordability

Worx offers a diverse range of power tools and lawn care equipment, including affordable gas and electric mowers. They are known for their focus on innovative designs and user-friendly features, making them a great option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Pros of Worx:

  • Variety of Options: Offers both gas and electric mowers to suit different needs.
  • Reliable Performance: Provides quality mowers at accessible prices.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last with sturdy materials and craftsmanship.

Used Mowers: A Treasure Trove of Second-Hand Savings

Buying a used lawnmower can be a great way to save money, but it requires careful consideration and research. While you may find a fantastic deal, you also need to be aware of the potential downsides.

Where to Find Used Mowers:

  • Online Marketplaces: Sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp can offer used mowers at bargain prices.
  • Local Yard Sales: Keep an eye out for yard sales in your neighborhood, as they often feature used lawn equipment.
  • Pawn Shops: Pawn shops can be a surprising source of affordable used mowers.
  • Used Equipment Dealers: Specialized dealers often carry a selection of used lawnmowers.

Tips for Buying a Used Lawn Mower:

  • Inspect Thoroughly: Examine the mower closely for signs of wear, rust, or damage.
  • Test Before Purchase: If possible, start the mower and test it out to ensure it’s in working condition.
  • Ask for Maintenance History: Inquire about the previous owner’s maintenance routine and any repairs.
  • Negotiate Price: Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller for a better price.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals:

  • Shop During Sales and Clearance Events: Major holidays and seasonal clearance events offer great deals on lawnmowers.
  • Look for Rebates and Discounts: Many manufacturers and retailers offer rebates, discounts, and coupon codes.
  • Consider Refurbished Models: Refurbished mowers can be a good option for saving money while still getting a quality product.
  • Compare Prices Online and In-Store: Shop around to compare prices and find the best deal.
  • Check for Warranty and Support: Ensure the mower comes with a warranty and that the manufacturer provides adequate support.

Conclusion: Mowing Your Way to Savings

Finding a cheap lawnmower doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By exploring online marketplaces, local stores, and budget-friendly brands, you can find a reliable mower that fits your budget and needs. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of each option, prioritize quality and performance, and take advantage of deals and discounts. With the right approach, you can keep your lawn looking pristine without breaking the bank. So, get out there, browse, compare, and find the perfect cheap lawnmower for your green haven.


Where can I find a cheap lawnmower?

You can find cheap lawnmowers at a variety of retailers, both online and in-store. Some popular options include:

  • Big box stores: These stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot often have a good selection of lawnmowers at affordable prices.
  • Online retailers: Websites like Amazon and eBay offer a wide range of lawnmowers, often with competitive prices. You may be able to find refurbished or used models at a lower cost.
  • Local lawn and garden centers: These stores specialize in lawn care equipment and may have special deals or clearance items.
  • Used equipment dealers: You can find used lawnmowers at a significant discount from used equipment dealers. Be sure to inspect the mower thoroughly before purchasing.
  • Garage sales and classified ads: Keep an eye out for garage sales and classified ads, where you might find a lawnmower for a fraction of the retail price.

What are some of the most affordable lawnmower brands?

There are several affordable lawnmower brands that offer good value for the price. Some popular choices include:

  • Worx: Worx offers a wide range of budget-friendly lawnmowers, including both gas and electric models.
  • Sun Joe: Sun Joe is another popular brand that specializes in electric lawnmowers. Their mowers are known for being lightweight and easy to use.
  • Earthwise: Earthwise offers a variety of affordable lawnmowers, including both gas and electric models.
  • Scotts: Scotts is a well-known brand that offers a range of lawnmowers at affordable prices.
  • Husqvarna: While Husqvarna is known for its high-quality lawnmowers, they also offer some more affordable models.

What is the cheapest type of lawnmower?

The cheapest type of lawnmower is typically a manual reel mower. These mowers use a hand crank to power the blades and do not require gas or electricity. They are also very environmentally friendly, as they do not produce any emissions.

While manual reel mowers are the most affordable option, they may not be suitable for all lawns. They are best for small, flat lawns with short grass. For larger or uneven lawns, a powered mower may be a better choice.

What is the best cheap lawnmower for small lawns?

For small lawns, a manual reel mower or a small electric mower can be a great option. Manual reel mowers are very affordable and require no gas or electricity.

However, they can be more difficult to use on uneven lawns and are not suitable for tall grass. Electric mowers are more powerful than manual reel mowers but are still relatively affordable. They are also more convenient, as they do not require you to pull a cord or refill a gas tank.

What is the best cheap lawnmower for large lawns?

For large lawns, you’ll need a more powerful mower. A gas-powered push mower is typically the most affordable option for large lawns. They are more powerful than electric mowers and can handle taller grass and uneven terrain.

While gas-powered push mowers are more affordable than riding mowers, they require more physical effort. If you are looking for a more convenient option, you may consider a riding mower, but be prepared to pay a higher price.

What are some features to look for in a cheap lawnmower?

When shopping for a cheap lawnmower, it’s important to consider the features that are most important to you. Some features to look for include:

  • Cutting width: A wider cutting width will allow you to mow your lawn more quickly.
  • Cutting height adjustment: Look for a mower with multiple cutting height settings to ensure that you can get the perfect look for your lawn.
  • Mulching capability: A mulching mower chops up grass clippings and returns them to the lawn as fertilizer.
  • Bagging capability: A bagging mower collects grass clippings in a bag for easy disposal.
  • Ease of use: Look for a mower that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

How can I save money on a lawnmower?

There are a few ways to save money on a lawnmower:

  • Shop around: Compare prices at different retailers before making a purchase.
  • Look for sales and discounts: Many retailers offer discounts on lawnmowers throughout the year, especially during the spring and fall.
  • Consider a used mower: You can often find used lawnmowers for a fraction of the price of a new mower.
  • Buy a refurbished mower: Refurbished mowers are often available at a discount, and they come with a warranty.
  • Make sure you need a new lawnmower: If your existing mower is still in good working order, it may be more cost-effective to simply have it serviced.

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